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PostSubject: GUIDE TO WHAT EVERYTHING NOW MEANS   Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:02 am


Please make note, this guide is going to very long and you may need to go make a coffee or I guess (tea) before you start, some of its content may seem a little ‘dumbed down’ this is not to insult your intelligence, just to reduce the amount of questions after – should you still have a question/complaint please post underneath, if you have a complaint please just wait till the community meeting on Saturday 6th August in the clan meeting place (more information about that later on)


1) Meetings

1.1) (Friday 11pm gmt 29th July) Results
1.2) (Friday 2:30am gmt 6th August) Results
1.3) Next Community Meeting
1.4) Who can now attend ‘management’ meetings
1.5) Rules/policy on meetings

2) Ranks

2.1)  What each rank in the cc now means
2.2)  Permissions certain ranks have

3) Citadel

3.1) Information on current state of citadel
3.2) Current plans for next week
3.3) Citadel Committee
3.4) What you can do in the citadel

4) External Forums

4.1) Previous Update (last week)
4.2) Ranks/permissions updated
4.3) New section
4.4) Competition

5) Other news

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE TO WHAT EVERYTHING NOW MEANS   Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:06 am


1.1 ) (Friday 11pm gmt 29th July) Results


Ben ben ben
Agil with me
N a urt o
Hookage prem
poh seng7
poh seng9
Ch00f plz
Lord who lived



1.2 ) (Friday 2:30am gmt 6th August) Results


Sir Xq
Pi Rules3 14
Ginkgo Bee
Steins Gate
Hi Zachary


Mi thrill
Ola kala
Bx is pro
R oy




Cryssy XD
Wolf II

1.3) Next Community Meeting

When: Saturday 6th August
Time: around 5-7pm gmt (subject to change)
Where: At clan meeting place in citadel

Everyone invited to attend

Notes: This is an opportunity to schedule events / for you to give feedback on the updates so far, to view new suggestions, to ask questions, it is NOT an opportunity to spam and go crazy and annoy the people running the meeting – if you act irresponsibly, consequences are subject to the person running the meeting

1.4) Who can now attend ‘management’ meetings

Management Meetings (formally known as star meetings) in the ‘minenation’ cc will be open to everyone General rank and higher – this includes General, Admin, Organiser, Coordinator, Overseer, Deputy Leader and Leader ranks.

When externals have been update you will also be eligible to use the management section which can be seen by the above ranks.

Incase any of you are unsure of who can now attend I have bothered to make a list bellow

• Crwirey
• D a q
• M-e-h
• Ro y
• Disguised
• Krammark1
• Mi thrill
• Blasty
• MininqDraqon
• Wolf II
• Debonnys
• Telcis
• Cas Rox
• Cryssy XD
• Broke Irl
• Meliumex
• Tri S T A R
• Fadge7
• Sirchief
• Unblind
• Joepo
• Wanderer0246

1.5) Rules/policy on meetings

For those of you new to meetings there are only some basic rules

-No spamming/completely off topic discussion
-Be mature/sensible about your responses
-You may not discuss meeting details outside of the meeting cc
- You should not disclose information in the management section on externals to those that cannot view it already

Anyone found to be abusing a meeting will be subject to consequences accordingly

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE TO WHAT EVERYTHING NOW MEANS   Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:14 am


2.1 ) What each rank in the cc now means

Unranked – these people are not ‘offically’ in the cc, however many people join us on a regular basis whether to visit or as ex-members or even on second accounts

Recruit – people who have just joined the cc usually with less than 3 months of activity in the cc

Corporals – people who have started to take a more active role (getting to know people, taking part in events, positive suggestions etc)

– are nearly always active, willing to help another cc member, participation with the cc generally

Lieutenants – long time committed members who have proven themselves in all of the above

Captains – this is the last rank with limited responsibility, at this rank you are expected to uphold cc rules always and be helpful

– Can attend management meetings, expected to be mature/sensible (compare this rank to being 1/3 bronze star)

Admins – these people can also change some citadel features (compare this rank to being 2/3 bronze star)

Organisers – this is like the old bronze star rank, and has kick powers as well as the above

Coordinators – this is like the old silver star rank, can do all of the above but also has unlimited rights in managing the citadel

Overseers/Deputy Owner/ Owner – this is basically the old general rank

2.2) Permissions certain ranks have

(I want to copyright Thrillys table to explain this and I cba to write a section I have to change so until I ask him nothing useful will be posted here)

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE TO WHAT EVERYTHING NOW MEANS   Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:19 am

PART 3 – Citadel

3.1) Information on current state of citadel +
3.2) Current plans for next week

Citadel: Tier 2
To upgrade to tier 3 we need stone. We could not build a mine until the citadel was tier 2, so therefore we can’t upgrade the citadel yet.

Storehouse & Battlefield: Tier 1
Each week we can upgrade 1 out of these 2. Upgrading the storehouse offers a higher resource cap and a bigger stock of resources to keep for next week. What upgrading the battlefield does is unclear at this moment, but it may mean a higher amount of elements, different elements or a bigger map.
In order to upgrade the storehouse & battlefield, the citadel must be of higher tier than them. For example, to have tier 2 of either, we need at least a tier 2 citadel.
For both to upgrade to tier 2 we need stone, so we can’t upgrade them yet.

Woodcutter: Tier 1
Woodcutter is the tree that allows us to gather logs. It’s important to upgrade this whenever possible so we get more options for different upgrades. Upgrading this possibly also makes it give more bonus xp. Until we got a tier 2 citadel it was not possible to upgrade this. It is possible now, so we are upgrading to tier 2 woodcutter next week.

Mine: Tier 0

The mine will produce stone at tier 1 and give us bonus mining xp. Stone is needed for future upgrades so we need to upgrade this whenever possible. It was not possible to even see this resource until we got the tier 2 citadel, so it could not be upgraded so far. We are upgrading it next week to tier 1.

Other resources: Tier -1

Until we get the required tier citadel, we will not be able to view them yet and therefore not upgrade. Once they can be viewed they will be tier 0 (Tier -1 is technically non existent but I put it there to point out it’s lower than tier 0)

Decorations: Tier N/A
There are several hotspots for decorations. They are shown on the map as dots when viewing the interface. There are 2 hotspots for normal decorations, 2 for combat related decorations and 5 for statues at the portal.

Currently we have both topiary spots used for basic topiaries. There are no other options here currently because we don’t have the resources. Later it will be possible to build for example fountains here.

The combat related decorations are unused at this moment. The only thing we can currently build on each hot spot is the weapon rack at a cost of 15k logs. As we lose the logs on each build tick it’s best to use them so we ordered a weapon rack for one of the two hotspots.

The statues at the portal cannot be upgraded yet because we don’t have sufficient resources. We need stone or higher tier materials to build them

3.3) Citadel Committee

This is a new idea we hope will be effective in running/managing the citadel, the idea of this new committee is participants will meet regularly (eg) once a week

Anyone who wishes can join the committee (an application template and place to post can be found under the new citadel section on externals)

People involved in the committee will have meetings based on what should be updated in the citadel next week, reviewing other cc members suggestions/ideas and future planning of the citadel. In general you guys will ultimately decide between you what needs to be done and the goals needed to achieve them.

Blasty is going to run the Citadel Committee and will accept/decline and update applicants, although nobody should be declined, if you are going to only suggest stupid ideas and mess around or do not bother to use the citadel / participate you don’t really need to be on the committee in the first place.

Committee members may occasionally attend a management meeting to review ideas etc

3.4) What you can do in the citadel

Everyone can invite new members, start an event on the battlefield and use the party room. At Lieutenant rank and above you can also begin a private meeting and a clan vote, anyone general and above can started a RATED clan war. Editing the battlefield is Admin +
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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE TO WHAT EVERYTHING NOW MEANS   Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:20 am

PART 4 – External Forums

4.1) 4.5) Previous Update (last week)

Auto Prunning

This will now take effect in the following forums and not just pictures, this will help to ensure to clear up very dead posts etc
  • Suggestions/ideas (2 months)
  • Chat (3 months)
  • Trolling Section (3 months)
  • Drops (2 months)
  • Taking a break (3 months)
  • Quitting the clan(2 weeks)

Dead Forum Sections

Some forum sections and things we don't use / older ideas, will be removed permanently (see list below)
  • Specialist Competition

4.2) Ranks/permissions updated
Everyone should now have the correct rank that matches their cc rank, if you don’t feel free to post in ‘help’ and let me know, all the new ranks on forums have their own individual colour (if you are confused by this, there is a legend explaining it on the bottom of the homepage)

Anyone with General plus rank can view the management section

4.3) New Section

Citadels will have its own section entirely which all of you can access with the following sub-topics

-Latest Citadel News (viewable by everyone but only editable by certain people)
-Applications for Citadel Committee

4.4) Competition

Some of you have noticed and also mentioned you enjoy getting the titles off post numbers, in fact I happened to see a thread about it today (or yesterday now I guess), anyway I was planning on reworking the current the one, not the titles but the images associated with them. Currently we use selected ones from a default selection, the competition should you want to participate is to make new images that improve upon number of posts

- Images should still be in the small rectangular format (not huge canvas ones)
- You need to have at least 15 images
- The Admin and 2 moderator images must have ‘admin’ and ‘moderator 1’ and ‘moderator 2’ written somewhere on the image
- Images need to be saved separately so they can be uploaded to the internet singularly
- Don’t go overboard with rainbow colours

Other than that, be as creative as you want
All entries should be posted in ‘Rank Image Competition’ under the community section (note each entry should have its own thread so comments can be posted underneath)
This competition ends on the 5th of September (aka 1 month from now)

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE TO WHAT EVERYTHING NOW MEANS   Sat Aug 06, 2011 11:28 am

PART 5 – Other News

Some of the content here may be repeated in other sections eg) ones explaining things that people will need to know without referral to this thread

Section 2.2 will be updated shortly this week

Many thanks to Joe who wrote all of section 3.1 and 3.2


Note there is a few more things to come but will not be added for a while

- Wandii

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE TO WHAT EVERYTHING NOW MEANS   Sat Aug 06, 2011 8:02 pm

Here's some copy pasta as you seem to have forgotten it:

NOTE: This is only relevant for people with rank General and up. Lower ranks can NOT view the mentioned section and do not get any information about it.

We're going to use a new system for ranking up.

For this a new thread in the management section will be made every week. Everyone with the rights to decide about ranks (General +) will be able to post suggestions in it, as well as vote for the suggestions of the week BEFORE.

After each week we will gather the results and run the rank ups through. With the suggestions a new thread will be made for you all to suggest and vote again. The previous thread will be locked.

You can make an unlimited amount of suggestions. However it is preferred if you don't just put down names, but also arguementation about the reasons.

Each different person may only be ranked up +1 PER 2 WEEKS.

Why is this system better? Because it gives you a week the chance to think about suggestions and decide wether a person deserves rank up or not. This way we get rid of the problem of people being busy or not being able to log in for other reasons.

Will there still be in-game rank meetings? If this system works properly then they should not be needed. However we may have rank meetings when it's about people getting ranked up General+

Where do I suggest rank downs/bans? This can also be done in the same thread.

~ #1 producer of threads ~

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Mi Thrill
Is this your new home?
Is this your new home?
Mi Thrill

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE TO WHAT EVERYTHING NOW MEANS   Wed Sep 07, 2011 4:23 am

A lot of stuff! I like the way ranks are headed and wandi if you want to use tht table still, by all means feel free to do so.
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Obviously never closed forums
Obviously never closed forums

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PostSubject: Re: GUIDE TO WHAT EVERYTHING NOW MEANS   Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:29 am

a. All things or all of a group of things.
b. All relevant matters: told each other everything.
2. The most important fact or consideration: In business, timing is everything.

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