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How do we decide to rank someone up?
Ranks are given roughly every 2 weeks through a voting system on this website. Everyone with atleast a general rank in the clan can view a management section where the voting takes place. Any suggestion needs a majoriy supporting for it to be accepted.
How do I earn a rank?
Sucking up to high ranks is not the way. We will notice your behaviour is fake and this will result in a longer wait for rank up. In the clan we value activity and involvement the most. Show us that you want to be part of the clan by taking part in conversation or starting one yourself. Capping in the citadel and showing up at events also greatly improve your chances of gaining rank.

How do I lose my rank?
When you break rules consistently or get into arguements you may lose a rank. This is not likely to happen because when someone really doesn't get along with our clan members we remove him/her from the clan.
Inactivity may also result in getting removed from the clan.

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