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 The Clan Rules

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The Clan Rules Empty
PostSubject: The Clan Rules   The Clan Rules EmptySat Nov 06, 2010 2:12 am

Ranks will enforce rules, so it is helpful to listen to them. If there is a problem speak to any admin. Admins have the right to kick any rule breakers, including ranked members.

- Be respectful regardless of your rank.
- Be mature about what you say.
- NO advertising other clan chats, or advertising us within other clan chats.
- NO arguing in the clan chat.
- NO excessive profanity.
- NO all CAPS in type.
- NO spamming in general (running several lines of type consecutively).
- Speak English within the clan chat.
- NO inappropriate subjects in the cc, anything offensive is not tolerated. High ranks can decide what is or what isn't offensive.
- Be respectful towards fellow clan members and accept your differences. Any racism, sexism or homophobia will not be tolerated.

Senti's Idea:

The Clan Rules Sticks_and_stones

Rules on kicking:

In extreme cases of rulebreaking any admin+ rank may decide to remove you from the clan and put you on banlist.
All admins may kick guests if they are found breaking any of the rules at all.

How to LOSE your rank:

Not listening to the higher ranks.
Not coming to the cc itself.
Ignoring the rules that have been set.
Going inactive for a long period of time may result in removal from the clan.

Forum Rules:
- NO empty blank posts (the ones with a trillion enters that make you scroll down 50 years…3-5 enters as a gap is more than enough)
- NO offensive images/porn..etc
- NO offensive lanuage

-NO Necrobumping (bump-posts on threads that are older than 2 months)

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The Clan Rules

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