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This clan chat was originally created for the use of miners and smithers to come together as a community, a place to chat with people that all have those common interests. However, players specializing in a broad range of skills now use the clan chat. Anyone is welcome, as long as you are friendly. We’re keen to meet new people and learn about new and different training techniques, congratulate and cheer each other on for our goals, and even to discuss off-game matters. If you would like to chat with us, please feel free to join our CC, 'Mine Nation', and enjoy your stay!

We’re a community rather than a clan chat. We are not specifically a warring clan or even a skilling clan, but we simply use the clan chat feature to have people to talk to/plan events with in-game. We do run events, but these are totally optional.

Basic Info

Leader: Joep
No set home world
We have a citadel

The Clan was originally a Friends Chat before the clan chat update.

We do use this external forum for better communication and social stuff.

Visit our RSOF thread here:

Visit our clan in the clan section on the Runescape site here:
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General information

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